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Ravens miss out on Championship title but have much to celebrate!

It’s always difficult not to be victorious on the big days, however, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the players, coaches, managers & support team.

You gave us a wonderful opportunity and experience watching a Ravens team in Parnell Park today. Despite not being victorious, we’re grateful for the buzz, having something to look forward to, having an excuse to hang flags out, having a community event to share with each other. We walk away with aspirations & inspirations. You must celebrate and be proud of a great year of football and recognise the huge achievement of making it to an Intermediate Championship Final! After the teams huge efforts in 2022 we look forward to the team returning to Senior football in 2023. You have made the club very proud!


We must also thank all the supporters who came out in huge numbers to support the team in Parnell Park and for all the display of support around our villages in the run up to the games, what an atmosphere! Last one out close the door!

We must congratulate our opponents @naomhbarroggaa on being worthy winners today.

Enjoy your success 👏

Intermediate Championship Final

Venue:Parnell Park Saturday 15th October 2022

Temas: Fingal Ravens V Naomh Barrog

Final Score: Fingal Ravens 1-7 V Naomh Barrog 2-11

Photo Credits: Fingal Ravens club photographer Mike O Dwyer

Report: Fingal Ravens PRO Louise Quinlan ( Stafford) email:

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