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"Let there be Light" New Pitch Floodlights go live!

The day has finally arrived and our new floodlights have now been installed! Our main pitch is now illuminated to match play standards and the Stafford’s pitch to training standards!

There are still some small completion works at the pitch, works around the clubhouse including illuminating the car park and some fine tuning around the pitch lighting which are scheduled to be completed over the next couple of weeks so please bear with us!

A huge thanks to all our supporters and members who helped fundraise to make this all possible!

A very special thanks to Alan Manning & Vinny Convery who worked tirelessly on this project and delivered something very special for our club despite all the challenges Covid -19 and the weather threw at them!

We will have to introduce some new protocols around the new lighting and Alan & Vinny will be outlining these next week.

This is a huge day for the club and another step completed on the roadmap of our 2019-2022 development programme.

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