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Lá na gClubanna celebrations in full flight!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Fingal Ravens Club Day 8thSeptember 2019

With tired legs and a warm heart, I sit reflecting very positively on a fun-packed exciting day with the local Fingal Ravens community. The weather in North County Dublin played its part as the 16thman to Ravens Club Day.

As the sun’s heat warmed the early afternoons overcast sky, the local club members and neighbours began to filter in through the freshly painted black entrance gates. All were greeted by the manicured new landscape and a spotless courtyard. Bunting, marquees, food services and bails of hay helped built the ambiance of a welcoming rural GAA club.

With renewed ambition within the club to help build on a very solid foundation of making Fingal Ravens a warm community inclusive club, todays performance certainly confirmed that in our 93rd year as a family sporting organisation, today reaffirmed that we are not just about winning on the field of play – we as a club are focused on social awareness, Diversity & Inclusion, skills development and our members physical and mental wellbeing.

Games were played with enthusiasm and most importantly fun from our Ravens Rookies, across all age groups throughout the day up to the pinnacle when our ‘legends’ togged out to show their silky skills and knobbly knees – of course this only describes the men. The ladies proved they were as good if not better than their male counter parts with some great attacking play. The craic was mighty, and the banter was high as most of the members gathered around the sidelines to encourage the players (and point and laugh!)

The highlight of the day was when the coastguard made a theatrical landing on the main pitch to showcase their expertise and strengthen their link with the community. A poignant display of connection also as we remember our friend and neighbour Ciaran Smith, who soared over our pitches almost daily in Rescue 116 and who too was a strong GAA supporter.

The Coastguard welcomed young and old to stand side by side their mechanical bird and provided great detail on the operation of same and the importance of water safety to eager ears.

The day cannot go without mention of all the volunteers who worked like trojans not just today but in the weeks building up to help put on such a successful event in our own backyard. Volunteering is the backbone of the GAA and they are the core of Fingal Ravens. You cannot but feel pride with the teamwork on display with all working towards the same gameplan of having fun in a safe environment.

We as a club have once again raised the standards and we strive to continue to raise the level. We are not just a football club, WE ARE A COMMUNITY, WE ARE A FAMILY.

C’MON THE HOOPS - Stephen Maguire ( Fingal Ravens)

Irish Coast Guard Rescue 116 joined us for our Lá na gClubanna celebrations

All pictures courtesy of Mike O Dwyer

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