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GAA STRATEGIC PLAN 2021 -2026 IMPORTANT SURVEY - Deadline 24th September

Important survey: Please complete by Friday 24th September

Survey: GAA Strategic Plan 2021-2026

A chara, To assist the GAA with the development of its next strategic plan, the Association has been consulting with a wide range of people since April of this year. Specifically, surveys and focus groups have been conducted with various groups of members, supporters, and partners. We would now like to invite all GAA members, supporters, and the general public to help us prioritise the most important issues facing the Association. You are invited to participate in this process by completing the following survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Most questions require you to pick your top three responses. The questions are based on the themes emerging from the initial consultation process, but do not represent a complete list of issues under consideration. Some issues have been deemed more suitable for consideration by the Steering Group. Despite this, we believe that this survey will give hundreds and thousands of our members a meaningful opportunity to give us feedback in a format we can analyse. Your participation is completely voluntary. In addition, your responses are entirely confidential: all data gathered through this process will be pooled together to identify common themes. These themes will be analysed with the help of a third-party. If you have any questions at any time about the survey or procedures, please contact the GAA by e-mail at: You can learn more about the strategic planning process here: An Irish language version of the survey is available on the official GAA website. Thank you very much for your time and support. Is mise, le meas, Labhrás MacCarthaigh Uachtarán CLG

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